WEEK #1: In the Game

July 8th – 12th

Ready, set, PLAY! This week is all about games, games, games! Campers will be creating their own board games through multidisciplinary arts and answering questions such as… What was the oldest game in history? What was the first video game? Who wrote the song Circle Game? Campers will be fully immersed in the art of games -- board games, dance games, sports games and interactive games -- from Tic Tac Toe to Trivial Pursuit, they will end the week with a bout of Kahoot!

WEEK #2: Mission Impossible

July 15th – 19th

Students will be on a mission this week to create their very own inventions. We will begin the week with scientific experiments, explorations and discoveries. They will collaborate on ideas, develop their own concepts and make their inventions come to life. We will end the week with our very own CAS Science Fair, where they will all show off their outstanding creations!

WEEK #3: Trading Places

July 22nd – 26th

Ever want to see what it feels like to be in someone else’s shoes? In this week’s theme, counselors and campers will be trading places in a fun and exploratory setting. Character development, theatre games and role-playing exercises will be a big part of this week’s activities. Our goal is to help foster a sense of self-confidence, while also incorporating a sense of empathy and enhancing communication skills. This perspective change can be a benefit to a camper’s daily relationships and any situation that may arise in their everyday lives.

WEEK #4: CAS Greatest Show

July 29th – Aug 2nd

Campers will spend this week creating their very own Circus! Skills such as tumbling, balancing, juggling, clowning and more will be introduced. Campers will also be creating sets and props in their fine art classes, which will be utilized in their performance. We will have an in-house performance at the end of the week to culminate the activities of this week’s theme.


WEEK #5: Arts ‘n Action

August 5th – 9th

Campers will be creating art with movement in this week’s theme! They will learn how their own physicality can inspire and create visual artworks of all forms. The world of dance and visual arts will be explored through various activities. Color mixing, shape study, texture, and composition will also be explored and incorporated into this creative and fun week at CAS!

WEEK #6: CAS Got Talent

August 12th – 16th

The CAS world's talented performers of all ages (5-13) -- singers, dancers, magicians, comics, musicians, jugglers and more, will have the opportunity to discover their talents and share these special gifts with their fellow CAS campers. With the guidance of studio teaching artists, campers will gain the confidence to perform in front of an audience as well as their peers, give supportive feedback and encourage all their fellow campers with star spirit!

WEEK #7: Rock the Vote

August 19th – 23rd

This week may be a camper’s dream week! Campers will be able to direct and change the course of each day with their input. Each day, campers will vote on different activities and exercises, trip decision-making and more. This self-empowering week will allow campers to see how important their input, thoughts, opinions and ideas are within a group. It will help them understand how to manage themselves in a group setting and the social skills it takes to be diplomatic while getting their desires met.

WEEK #8: CAS Olympics

August 26th – 30th

In this week’s theme, campers will create an Olympic Event which will take place in Prospect Park.  This event week will focus on incorporating skills of Olympic training, banner & flag-making, ceremony & song, and friendly matchups.  In culmination of a fabulous summer, we will celebrate our last week of camp with our very own special CAS tradition. Campers will receive a special CAS Olympic certificate showing the campers completion of the event on the last day of camp.  Let the Games begin!