Photo by Hank Gans

                                 Photo by Hank Gans

Children's Class Descriptions 2017-18



Ballet (ages 7 & up) 

This class will consist of a ballet barre, center floor work and traveling sequences across the floor. The class is designed to enhance correct anatomical placement as well as develop strength, flexibility and grace of movement.


Creative Arts Student Dance Company. (CASDCO) 

(Admission by audition)

A thirty-six week course offered to students enrolled in technique classes.  This class is designed to further the dancer’s application of technique in the varying dance forms offered at the Creative Arts Studio. Students will have the experience of participating in weekly rehearsals and scheduled performances.  The dancers will begin to develop performance skills and good work habits as they learn about the discipline and dedication necessary to become a performing artist 


Creative Movement (ages 3-5)

An exploration of the basic elements of dance: space, time, energy and body awareness. With the help of props, music and imagination, these elements are introduced through creative movement games, problem solving exercises and improvisation.


Hip Hop (ages 5 & up)

Move your body to the urban beat in Hip Hop!  Students will explore rhythm and cultivate coordination in this class, which combines the best of dance technique, popular culture, and self-expression.


Modern (ages 6 & up)

This class is designed to develop technical skills, including alignment, balance, strength, and endurance. Students will explore the basic elements of dance: space, time, energy and body awareness while combining more complex principles such as level changes, dynamic range and different qualities of movement through rhythmic activities, improvisation and structured compositional exercises.


Pointe Technique (ages 12 & up)

Pointe class concentrates on the transference of ballet steps from demi-pointe to pointe and is introduced only when a dancer has developed sufficient strength in the feet and legs necessary for this discipline.  Permission is necessary by the CAS Director and class instructor for admission into this class.


Pre Ballet (ages 5-6)

Beginning with stretching and strengthening exercises on the floor and using basic ballet and creative movement exercises, students will learn proper ballet positions,  develop strength & coordination, while learning to move gracefully.  The class is designed for children to experience the joy of dance, enrich their technical skills, and learn to appreciate this art form.


Tap (ages 5 & up)

An introduction to the basic technique and style of tap dance. Through creative rhythmic activities, each child will develop a sense of articulation and coordination.


Taps & Tutus (ages 4-6)

This combination class is designed for children who have taken creative movement and are gearing up for a beginner technique class. It is an excellent introduction to basic vocabulary and fundamentals of tap and ballet with an emphasis on imagination and creative learning. They will develop coordination, musicality, rhythm and grace while having lots of fun!




Creative Arts Student Theatre Company (CASTCO) (ages 9 & up)

(Admission by audition)

In this unique class students will focus on the collaborative theatre performance. Students will bring original plays and adaptations to life! Exploring character play, design, directing and storytelling, we will form a company of child actors who will present their new creations in venues throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan! In this class company members will create and educate others using the performing arts to open up a whole new world of imagination.


Drama  (ages 6-12)

Using theatre and movement games, the students will explore a range of dramatic scenarios.  They will create their own short original pieces, study character development and perform regularly for each other.  It is here that they will be given the tools to become a performing artist.





Animation Station (9 & up)

Animation Station students will invent their own list of characters, give them personalities and backgrounds, and then watch them come to life as we magically animate them. We will start by writing and hand drawing stories from which we will create flip books and zoetropes. Once we have mastered the basic principles of animation, we will then advance into collaborative stop motion animation videos using both drawing and clay-mation techniques. Students will have opportunities to learn about the works of famous illustrators and animators and will be introduced to some of their short films.


Art Park (7-10)

Art park uses a bouquet of art media to introduce young artists to representational art and abstract symbolism used to create a self-expressive portfolio of work. This class will introduce students to figure drawing, the basics of perspective, composition, contour and line drawing, and intermediate-level color mixing techniques. These young artists will learn to develop an individual voice in their artwork throughout a mix of two-dimensional media types, including drawing, painting, printmaking, and collage / construction. This class will add new proficiencies to the young artist’s tool belt and add to their creative art portfolio.


Costume Design (AGES 8 & up)

In this class the students will explore costume design and garment construction with a focus on costuming for dance. Basic sewing and figure drawing will be taught as well as machine sewing, pattern mak- ing, draping, and accessories. Materials will be included and students of all levels are welcome to join.


Fashion Design (8 & up)

Wear your excellent style on your sleeve! Fashion Design I and II students will learn the numerous facets of apparel design as they create an original piece from start to finish. The process will touch on skills in fashion illustration, pattern-making, and sewing. As students advance, they will move on to original garment design and machine sewing


Painter's Palette (AGES 6-8 & 7-10)

Young artists will explore the world of painting, starting by experimenting with mixing colors, learning about the color wheel, and being introduced to shapes, composition and painting methodologies. Students will have the opportunity to express their own creativity while having a chance to discover the works of famous painters throughout history and apply similar techniques in their own work. This hands-on class is perfect for young budding artists who want to explore their imaginative sides and learn a bit about art history.


Musical Theatre (ages 7-10)

Using songs from popular musicals, the students will explore character development combining elements of drama, song and dance simultaneously.  This class is designed to help students find their own unique voice to tell story through the great American musical